Green Party of Nova Scotia

This is one of the provincial Green Parties.

The Green Party of Nova Scotia is a political party in the Province of Nova Scotia.

Founding Convention

The GPNS held its founding convention on March 4 and 5, 2006. At the convention the Party agreed upon and voted for the GPNS constitution, GPNS executive and GPNS leadership in order to contest the Nova Scotia general election, 2006.

Full Slate

In his leadership acceptance speech and several times thereafter, the Party's leader Nick Wright, said that the party would run a full slate of 52 candidates in the 2006 general election. He faced much criticism for the statement from some who said that it could not be done and that it was outside of the leader's mandate as regional division approval was required.

June 13, 2006 Provincial General Election

Less than three months after the founding convention, in the Party's first provincial election, the Green Party of Nova Scotia had a full slate of 52 candidates and went on to win 2.3% of the popular vote (9,411 votes).


At the 2007 GPNS Convention members will be voting for a new leader. Below is a bio of each leadership candidate as it is posted on the GPNS site

Ellen Durkee

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Ellen Durkee, a resident of Middle Stewiacke, is the first declared candidate in the race for the Leadership of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

A long-time community activist in the Colchester County area and a current member of the Green Party of Nova Scotia executive, Durkee says that leadership in the Green Party context is more of an advocate for Green ideas and policies as opposed to a ‘top down’ leader in the traditional sense, "The Green principles are how we Greens are measured. How we apply these principles in our policy is the critical difference between the Green Party and the other parties."

"We can tell the citizens of Nova Scotia yes, we believe in social justice and protecting the environment, but that’s not enough. We must be prepared and ready to say how and when we will put our promises in practice.

Durkee’s motives for seeking the Leadership flow from a desire to enact societal good, "Why do I want to hold the leadership positions of the GPNS? I care about the state the world will be in for my children and their children. I want to make a difference, to help set us on a path to a brighter future than the one we seem to be heading towards. As Leader of the GPNS I feel that I can put my knowledge and talents to use. It would be an honour to serve the Green Party and the people of Nova Scotia in this way."

Ken McGowan

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Ken McGowan, a resident of Cow Bay, is the second declared candidate in the race for the Leadership of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

McGowan is an entrepreneur who believes in the six principles enunciated by the party and the Global Green Charter: sustainability, ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, respect for cultural diversity, and non-violence.

"At this time in the party’s history, I believe that it is imperative that the leader has the desire and ability to build this party into a force to be reckoned with. Principles and ideals aside, what the party needs most is someone who is willing and able to work in the trenches, day in and day out, to increase party membership, solicit donations, attract quality candidates and be an inspiration for the volunteers who work so hard to bring the Green message to the people of Nova Scotia."

More Information: http://www.kenmcgowan.ca/

Aaron Eisses

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Aaron Eisses, a resident of Masstown, is the third declared candidate in the race for the Leadership of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

Eisses is a farmer who espouses the need of reconnecting with natural processes, “I understand the importance of living in harmony with nature. The policies and beliefs of the Green Party support my own personal views. I want to get involved and take a leadership role in the party.”

“The people of Nova Scotia are tired of the current government that is in power. The people of Nova Scotia are looking for another direction, a different type of government. I think the Green Party is the party that can start bringing the concerns and needs of the little guy in Nova Scotia to the legislature in Halifax. I want to be leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia to help this province reduce C02 emissions, clean up our environment and start moving Nova Scotia to be a province that respects, and works with nature, not at its expense.”

[+] Prior to the Founding Convention