Green Parties

See Green Parties worldwide or greens.org for a list of same.

There are several Green Parties in Canada:

There is no GPNB or GPNL yet, nor in any of the territories. Formation of new Maritime Green parties has been drastically compromised by the actions of Kevin Colton and Sheila Richardson in particular, who derailed a schedule to have them all running by early 2005.

The Green Party of Canada is not considered a Green Party in the sense of the Global Greens charter since it flouts at least two of the Four Pillars, excludes women from decision making - see misogyny - and permits people who take ideological positions against the party's own principles, ignore the GPC Constitution, and engage in other power grabs, to continue in office. A commonly proposed solution is a "new party" - see Green Federation of Canada and emergency GPC AGM petition.