Green Budget Coalition

The Green Budget Coalition is a citizen initiative. It is managed by Andrew Van Iterson, but its most visible spokesperson is Elizabeth May of the Sierra Club of Canada. Its list of members includes:

The Coalition's goal is to have the maximum input to the Canadian Minister of Finance before Canadian federal budget week, and to provide a detailed report thereafter on the government's comprehension of ecological fiscal reform.

Ralph Goodale received GBC's input for 2005, formally, in a public event covered on CBC Radio, before his Canadian federal budget, 2005 was "tabled" via the Canadian federal budget speech, 2005-02-23. That is, before it was submitted to parliament for debate.

If it had not passed then a Canadian federal election, 2005 would likely have occured immediately. In a minority government situation which existed at that time, it was critical to the Liberal Party of Canada to gain more support from non-aligned groups.

Goodale swore publicly that 2005's would be the "greenest budget ever" and shortly before its release said that there "is still time" to get green economics measures into the budget before Feb. 23rd. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Canadian Alternative Budget and Civic Efficiency Collaborative all presented proposals to Goodale publicly the week before.

The Green Budget Coalition review of the Canadian federal budget for 2005 generally praised it but cautioned it for not relying enough on performance-based tests.