Garth Turner

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Author, former Toronto Sun columnist, business journalist and teacher Garth Turner (actually John Garth Turner) was the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for Halton-Peel FED in Ontario in the Canadian federal election, 2006, his first for that party. Turner lives in Campbellville, Ontario, in that riding.

He beat Liberal Gary Carr to become a Conservative MP. Turner had formerly sat in the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada caucus, from 1988-93, serving as chair of the consumer and corporate affairs committee. He finished a distant fourth in the race to succeed Brian Mulroney.

In 1993 he served briefly under Kim Campbell as Minister of National Revenue. He was defeated in the Canadian federal election, 1993 which reduced the PCs to a rump two seats.


On October 18, 2006, the Conservative Party suspended him from its caucus in a vote that it described as "unanimous". However, Turner himself claims that he had some defenders in the debate.

He now sits in the Canadian House of Commons as an independent MP.

Turner's "suspension" came on the eve of the announcement of the Clean Air Act, which http://www.garth.ca/ Turner had harshly criticized on his blog, referring to it as a "sell-out" to the Tar Sands oil interests leaning on "junk science" to avoid doing anything about climate change. These claims were widely echoed by others after its announcement.

The party had only cited concerns over caucus confidentiality and Turner's tone about Prime Minister Harper in his blog.

political future

Turner has stated that a majority of his constituents wish him to remain an independent. Progressive Canadian Party of Canada leader Jim Love, who attended a meeting of these, reports that two-thirds of his constituents would oppose him joining the Green Party of Canada. Turner however had http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2006/10/19/turner-reax.html already planned a meeting with Elizabeth May. As May had also previously publicly stated her certainty that [[David Suzuki]] would run for the House in the next election, this and the Turner speculation were widely dismissed as reflecting desperation of the party to have at least one MP, as this is a requirement to be admitted to TV debates.

Turner remained noncommittal in a CTV appearance on the 20th and noted that a majority of them wished him to remain an independent. He also did not rule out returning to the Conservatives. It seemed extremely unlikely that he would make a move prior to the Liberal leadership convention, 2006.

Investment "guru"

After his election loss in 1993, Turner returned to journalism, becoming business editor for Baton Broadcasting and authoring a string of books on real estate and personal finance. He became a popular speaker on these issues.

He later formed Millennium Media Television. In 2002, the CBC television investigative newsmagazine CBC Disclosure aired a report, http://www.cbc.ca/disclosure/archives/0229_paying/media.html#turner %22Paying for Time%22, alleging its programs sometimes broadcast unattributed quasi-[[infomercial]]s.

Also during this period, Turner accepted work as a paid presenter to prospective clients for a variety of investment companies, which attracted the attention of the Ontario Securities Commission – Turner was never a registered investment advisor. The OSC launched but abandoned an informal investigation.

Turner's advice was often subject to question. For instance, Turner had advised people to buy Nortel stock when it began to decline in value, and would continue to do so until it was worth only pennies (although many other analysts gave the same advice).

Turner is also founder and CEO of The Credit River Company, a Caledon-based destination and ecotourism company that is noted for the restoration of heritage buildings in the area.

Turner had also served as national director of the Vancouver-based Sierra Legal Defence Fund, an organization dedicated to upholding environmental laws, resigning only after his return to the House in 2006.

Red Tory

Turner was one of the most vocal government MP's against the floor-crossing of David Emerson into the Cabinet of Stephen Harper.

After a stern chat with Stephen Harper about Emerson, Turner wrote on his blog that "I'm expecting the Whip will be assigning me a renovated washroom somewhere in a forgotten corner of a vermin-infested dank basement in Ottawa. That should go well with my seat in the House of Commons that will be visible only during lunar eclipses." Turner reported a week later in his blog that he received a newly renovated office with a good view.