GPO resolution to implement gender equity 2004-C-SVE-A

Resolution to Implement Gender Equality in the GPO

This motion was raised at the GPO AGM. The text appears below for information only; please do not modify. A new version is being developed from this template at GPO:2005 Resolution to Implement Council Co-Chairs in the GPO

One of the GPO’s Ten Key Values is Gender Equality, yet looking at Council and even our candidates; it is evident that we are not practicing what we preach. Part of the problem for women is the competitive and often aggressive arena of politics, but the GPO can signal that it is a different kind of a political party by doing things differently.

The New Zealander Greens have increased women participation in their organization by making all positions shared between a man and a woman. Not only are women’s views included in the debate, but also the resulting decisions are better. Furthermore, shared positions would result in greater co-operation and less burn-out of our dedicated members. At the beginning, it may be difficult to fill all the positions with women, but it will happen. By doing so, the GPO will be pragmatically encouraging women to participate in the political landscape while nurturing potential leaders.

All positions except for Leader would be shared. Each position would have one vote. This proposal also eliminates the need for members-at-large. Therefore:

Be it resolved that all Council positions, with the exception of Leader, be shared by a man and a woman having one vote between them.
Members-at-large positions will be eliminated.

Submitted by: Sharolyn Vettese 15 September 2004
Endorsed by: Frank de Jong, Mara Arndt, Wayne Yeechong, Richard Laszlo, Roy Ho, Michael Pilling, Gabriel Draven, Douglas Armour, Dan King