GPO commitment

As of 2006-02, no Green Party of Ontario commitment made since its GPO AGM 2005 has been met by GPO Council. Its list of obvious failures include:

GPO Operations Director Dan King issued a cease and desist letter to De Jong prior to the sabotage, which De Jong ignored. Accordingly he is clear of responsibility on all the above. Rob Newman, for personal reasons, refuses to deal with King and has recused himself from GPO Council and provided no account of his own presentation to the Ontario Democratic Renewal Secreatariat so the party could have reviewed it before or after. It failed to advocate the party's actual position.

King resigned the web effort in protest to De Jong's sabotage and the inability of Richardson and Adair to set and support viable technological standards such as those applied at openpolitics.ca itself, nor editorial standards such as those applied in living ontology and in open politics itself. King has stated support for the intranet effort but as of 2006-02 it seems unlikely given the sabotage and the total failure of the top three GPO officers to keep to their commitments or resign.