GPO bioregional operations centre

A GPO bioregional operations centre is what other political party operatives in Canada call a "war room", but with more functions especially after elections.

The Green Party of Ontario intends to have five such centres in operation during the Ontario general election, 2007, if the Ontario electoral referendum, 2006, puts it in a position to contend for seats and the balance of power.

As of 2005-09 the plan was to let the existing GPO office close permanently and shift to use of such facilities as the GPO Living Platform and GPO Living Agenda and increase the use of cordless headsets and conference calls, chat and email to the point where all electoral operatives were comfortable with telework on this infrastructural base.

Any concerns with this mode of operation would be dealt with by 2005-12-31 so that the party began 2006 with a unified Living Agenda and teams of people committed to win reforms and seats.

network structure

These centres will stand or fall based on their ability to integrate media from many sources and create responses that many sources want to view and listen to.

Each centre should have at least
  • four full sets of cordless headset phones at 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz
  • a fast DSL or cable Internet connection
  • a Gigabit LAN internally
  • one HDTV office-capable machine. A reliable one thousand dollar PC specification will be available by early 06.
  • at least two other terminal machines that can rapidly substitute for each other or for the main machine.
  • card-based security so that anyone who enters is recorded (and possibly video taped)

Likely spec points or minimum standards for the key boxes on the LAN, preferably ALL boxes:

Nothing that doesn't meet this specification will be of any use in 2008, so it is preferable simply to buy only this specification now. ''The ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe using an AMD processsor or its Intel P5 equivalent is quite capable of all the above features now. It may even be the GPO's last PC.

Cost of each such centre at early 2006 prices is estimated to be $6000-9000, plus integration labour, rent, and ongoing net services. These should amount to less than $500/month since the ideal location for the centre is in a friendly organization that may already have many such services.

2006 bootstrap and test

During the Canadian federal election, 2006, any centres that could be brought up and running would be rented to the GPC at market prices, so as to test them out and provide the GPC with the best of all possible support teams and infrastructures. Funds received from this rental would be poured back into the creation of more such centres until all five were in operation by 2006-10 in time to support Ontario municipal elections, 2006 and any work for electoral reform in that year.

The GPO would thus begin 2007 with all five such centres in operation, ready to fundraise to fight an election that fall.