GPO agenda protocol

There is presently no GPO agenda protocol. Meetings can be run any way, and any nonsense can be introduced to the agendas, which can be ignored.

This is a major GPO protocol problem that the GPO Council intends to address at latest in the next GPO constitution. One of the two officers co-serving as GPO President

Former internal party officer candidate Hayley Easto advocated using Living Agenda protocol within the Green Party of Ontario for all major decision making. This means that GPO meetings would have wiki meetings that use Living Agenda and related naming conventions, and that some version of the agenda protocol would have to be instituted as a formal GPO agenda protocol.

As of 2005-11 this was being studied by GPO Operations Chair Dan King and GPO Communications Chair Neil Adair, who were also running some teleconferences to test integration and competence between online wiki meetings and minutes.