GPO Platform 2007

The Green Party of Ontario's GPO Platform 2007 must be ready for the ON provincial election, 2007. It will follow a process similar to the GPC Platform 2005 process to ratify all citizen initiatives into the final party platform. Use of a party policy comparison chart will probably be required to track the positions of opposing parties.

See GPO.ca for the current policy and positions. A GPON position protocol will probably be required.

The foundation of all policy must be a strong economic theory. We've seen how, in the past twenty years, the NDP's economic failures undermined their social programs, the PC's economics generated a lot of paper money but created social chaos, and now the McGuinty Liberals are basically trying to keep the status quo and everyone calm while not really pleasing anyone. But none have accepted the precepts of Henry George (1839 - 1897) that economics is fundamentally about morality. By definition, economics is the study of distribution of goods across the population. Economic theory, however, is about the best way to achieve general prosperity. If the GPO is ever to achieve or live up to our values, we must ensure that we can provide for those values without unintended consequences demonstrated by the other parties.