GPO Governance committee

The GPO Governance committee was struck as a motion of GPO Council in January 2005. It complements the daily governance oversight of the GPO President.

Its original mandate was to:
  • "facilitate recruitment and training of officers (on the executive council and otherwise)."
  • "encourage and advise a governance structure in the organization consistent with the GPO constitutionand values of the party."

Michael Pilling, its chair, reported that "in December 2004 we did an audit of the GPO Council Handbook and in January council passed a revised council handbook." .

"In April 2005 a set of guidelines for GPO CA CFOs was drafted. This has yet to be passed by council." Since then a crisis ensued when Kevin Colton, not a GPO member nor a qualified advisor, was illegally given access to GPO CA records by Nara Manickam.

As of 2005-08 the committee had yet to formalize it's membership or meet formally. Presumably the GPO President was required to have input into its schedule since the issues being debated are those on which she must ultimately rule and administer. Some of the issues also were likely to impact the next GPO constitution including: