GPO Council

The GPO Council is the principal decision making body of the Green Party of Ontario between conferences. Its duties are to uphold the GPO constitution and forward the interests of all life on Earth via the party itself. Some confuse this with the "interests of the party", very unwisely, as any such loyalty to the group entity over policy is incompatible with ecological wisdom and likely also social justice and peace.

accountable to members

GPO Council meeting minutes are first made visible in tikiwiki form for review after which there is a more reliable and updated publication of official minutes.

The membership when assembled can issue 'directives' to the Executive Council. Otherwise, Councillors make decisions within their respective mandates on behalf of the Party.

The membership elects Officers and Members-at-Large at the Annual General Meeting for staggered two-year terms.


Members-at-Large are elected directly to the GPO Executive Council which takes on the daily decisions for the Party and all the decisions that don't affect the Party's public image or role. These larger decisions are taken to GPO Council as a whole.

Elected officers have the option of serving on the GPO Executive Council but may choose not to do so.

As the day to day manager of party affairs, the GPO ED must "facilitate the creation, and manage the execution, of the action plan which ensures the Party achieves its goals." For instance the achievement of an early Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2006 and taking the balance of power in Ontario no later than the Ontario general election, 2007. All who delay or distract from these goals will regret it.

process and committee structure

The council follows a GPO Council Handbook for the details of its process. It has been proposed that a GPO agenda protocol be developed to allow for a more effective and efficient politics. This would complement standing subcommittees of council, which now include the
  • GPO Finance committee chaired by GPO CFO
    • "Work with the elected Council to create the annual budget for the organization."
  • GPO Governance committee chaired by GPO President on political party governance
    • "Work with Officers on the Council to ensure that they successfully manage their portfolios."
    • "Work with the GPO CAs" to ensure they cooperate in bioregional associations, each of which is "a fully-functioning organization in its own right." Withdraw support from those CAs that do not cooperate on bioregional issues.
    • "Work to ensure that the relationships between the Executive Council" and each of the bioregions remain "healthy, positive and growing."
  • GPO Membership committee implementing member protocol
  • fair leadership races that gain major publicity and result in large gains in the membership and zero complaints about fairness of handling
    • "Strategically manage and grow relationships with organizations outside of the GPO. These will include: other political parties, the media, local business organizations, NGOs and academic institutions" whose coordination tends to be required for events
    • "Manage and grow the volunteer base of the organization."
    • Generally devolve all member functions to bioregional units
  • GPO Policy committee implementing position protocol and press protocol
    • "Maintain and grow relationships with other provincial Green parties," and all provincial and federal parties and agencies the Party must work with to advance its policies into the law.
    • Generally devolve local policy functions to bioregional units via local issues forums so that a few known trolls don't dominate all policies

Quotes are from the Green Party of Ontario Executive Director job posting which was withdrawn - but the responsibilities described in it remain and are now distributed among the committees as above.

present office holders

The Council consists of the following persons who had uncontested nominations or continue in their roles:

The following positions are contended, or their status as voting members of GPO Council is being debated/challenged

The following position may be reviewed on vote of the membership at the fall GPO AGM, 2005:

For a current agenda and issues see pages on GPO:agenda,Ontario issues and GPO:issue.