The GPO:namespace is a namespace for GPO use. Any such LP client specific use involves a commitment of effort by Living Platform itself. See LP client free trial for the limits of what can be done unfunded.

The content of this namespace (only) is controlled by the participants. The names are also generally controlled by the GPO Council within the limits set by Living Platform itself. These limits respect actual legal constraints and legal terms, and are intended also to enable efficient politics. It is not possible to clearly state all such limits in advance. Do not ask for a detailed list of all such rules until you are paying us.

Many general naming conventions also apply even in a GPO namespace:

Most of the conflicts arising in social software are, of course, social. Attempts are made to clarify limits and fair ways to deal with these on these pages:

Why open politics in this way? we, the Living Platform users believe that by 2006 GPO will be making its GPO:plans and keeping its GPO commitments to the public effectively if it can apply these effectively. And that is more than it is able to do now.