GPO:2005 Resolution to Implement Council Co-Chairs in the GPO

This page hosts the development of a motion for the GPO AGM in Fall, 2005. It is based on the GPO resolution to implement gender equity 2004-C-SVE-A.

This page contains the content of the motion. Supporting arguments are on the GPO Council male and female co-chairs page.


Gender Equality is one of the GPO’s Ten Key Values. However, the small number of women in positions of authority, including Council, candidates and CA executives demonstrate the need for active policies to ensure women are represented in equal numbers at all levels of the party. If we value Gender Equality, and we recognize that we are currently very far from achieving this, then we are obliged to take firm action.

The GPO can become a leader in Gender Equality by introducing policies which support the promotion of women in politics.

One model, which has been used with great success by the New Zealander Greens, has increased women's participation in their organization by making all positions shared between a man and a woman.

Shared positions would:
1) Distribute the workload, reducing and/or spreading out the time commitment involved.
2) Introduce a more balanced structure for council.
3) Allow a greater opportunity for skills development and confidence building, as experienced and new members share the responsibilities of council positions.

With this step the GPO will be pragmatically encouraging women to participate in the political landscape while nurturing potential leaders. Alongside a program which includes on the ground education, encouragement and training for women in the Green Party, this policy can change the political landscape both within and outside the party.

All positions including Leader would be shared. This proposal eliminates the need for members-at-large. Therefore:

Be it resolved that

  • all Council positions, including the position of Leader, be shared by a man and a woman. Each co-chair will be a member of council and each will have a vote. An absention on the part of one co-chair will be considered an endorsement of the other co-chair's position.

  • In the event that any position is filled by only one person, the open position may be filled by appointment of the appropriate gender between elections. Appointments are not to exceed 1/3rd of the total number of either gender on council.

  • This policy will be implemented stepwise, at each first election opportunity for the offices in question.


Hayley Easto, Parkdale-High Park 416-538-3110
Becky Smit, Toronto Danforth 416-778-6213
Norm Calligan, Simcoe Grey 705-466-6830
Shelley Hannah, Dufferin Peel Wellington Grey
Dan King, Trinity Spadina
Sharolyn Vettese, Willowdale
Kate Holloway, York North
Laura Smit, Barrie
Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Barrie
Peter Ellis, Simcoe Grey
Patti Ellis, Simcoe Grey
Sandy Agnew, Simcoe North
Julie Barker, Simcoe North
Elio Di Iorio, Oak Ridges
Pauline Richards, Kitchener-Waterloo
Wayne Yeechong, Willowdale
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