GPNS constitution

The Green Party of Nova Scotia agreed on a GPNS constitution at its GPNS AGM 2006. It accepted a draft by Martin Willison and Eric Miedema by a unanimous vote.

Many relevant documents have been exchanged regarding this.

demonstrates its own principles

balance of powers

The demonstrates its own principles with gender parity in the most powerful positions, by specifying a bioregional democracy federating GPNS Regions, and a balance of powers between the following:

This resembles a model by Dan King proposed for the Green Party of Canada that was rejected by Jim Harris.


In addition to the position protocol to approve policy, the constitution defines GPNS protocols to be enforced by each GPNS Region, to be set over the next year by the GPNS AGM 2007. When organization protocols and practical problems have been worked out, the next GPNS constitution will likely incorporate a few changes.


It embraces all Five Functions of a Green Party:


The GPNS constitution is primarily structural like the GPC constitution. It does not contain statements of purpose or mission like the GPO constitution other than broadly stated objectives including NS electoral reform, promoting the Four Pillars and Six Principles and the Global Greens Charter.


The constitution's primary author Martin Willison made the assertions above at the AGM and by email.