The Green Party of Nova Scotia may be facing a provincial election. In anticipation of this a GPNS AGM 2006 was held in Halifax on March 4 and 5.

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The March 5-6, 2006, GPNS AGM 2006 agenda was expected to be formed largely by resolution of these five issues:

1. Voting on the GPNS constitution and Party structure

2. Selecting a Party logo

3. Whether to adopt the Global Green Charter - Only the philosophy behind the six principles were adopted

4. Voting on the Party Executive

5. The relationship between the GPC and the GPNS - An Independent but friendly relationship was chosen

The GPNS constitution covers issues such as:

policy issues

The constitution dicated that policy is to be developed by a policy committee that has male and female representatives from all ten regions of the Province with defernce being given to issues that exclusivly affect a given region.


The founding convention was held at the Native Friendship Centre in Halifax on March 4 and 5 in order to be able to contest the Nova Scotia general election, 2006.