GFDL corpus access provider

A GFDL corpus access provider provides access, with or without the opportunity to edit, to all or a substantial portion of the GFDL corpus. Wikipedia and Wikinfo are the most important providers since they also permit user editing.

as user interface pioneer

Nationmaster, WordIQ and others are also important due to their enhanced user interface. Their design precedents are very useful to others with large wikistyle databases.

The statistics added to Nationmaster and the linked text as alt text feature of WordIQ are likely best wiki design features that should be copied in future releases of mediawiki and maybe tikiwiki.

in Platform 2005 Process

Most definitions on the list of policy terms are best established with a refer link to one or more such providers, as they let GPC members update and edit definitions and add references. A cite link should be to a paper or resource that has already been added to such an article under GFDL - this permits it to be criticized and challenged by others who are able to look at the material from a non-Green perspective, and potentially delete it. In which case the evidence/source/authority may need to be questioned and a less controversial reference found.