GFDL corpus

The GFDL corpus consists of over FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND carefully scoped articles in English, OVER ONE MILLION total when all of the hundreds of languages are included.

These are all licensed under the GFDL Open Content license and visible via GFDL corpus access providers for any use whatsoever, including Living Platform purposes.

The GFDL corpus namespace sets the list of policy terms - which cannot deviate one character from the names used in GFDL articles for reasons explained here:

In addition, if the list of platform proposals wishes to have influence it will stick to those terms slavishly.

Ignoring GFDL corpus precedents is the worst of the fatal tikiwiki flaws. This motivates the shift to using mediawiki

The Terms of Use are different from GFDL but similar enough that the GFDL corpus namespace can be copied and used without significant risk of legal trouble. Creative Commons is working to make the corpus compatible with at least the CC-by-sa license if not CC-by-nc-sa. However the namespace alone is a quite restricted work that is collective and technically could be in the public domain or at least generic Open Content usable under any similar license including the LP's Terms of Use. Ask a lawyer?