Fundraising Glossary

Member: individual has paid minimum contribution for membership within the last year.

Lapsed Member: individual's membership date been exceeded by less than one year.

Expired Member: individual's membership date been exceeded by more than one year.

Contact: individual has never been a member.

Donor: Person has contributed to the party financially. Category that can apply to all of the above.

Unilateral mailing: a fundraising letter sent out by the hub to all contacts, with no coordination between the hub and individual EDAs

Coordinated mailing: a letter sent out by hub, but with each willing EDA able to participate by including their own letter at their own cost.

Opt-out: the ability of an EDA to block the mailing of a hub letter to addresses within the EDA to prevent conflict with the EDA's own mailings.

Negative Option: body (EDA, PD) is notified of a project and has a fixed amount of time to respond with an opt-out. If opt-out is not excercised then the project proceeds uninhibited.

Empty ED - an electoral district that does not have an active EDA. (For the terms of this debate, 'active' means 'sending letters to its contacts').