Frank McKenna

Frank McKenna is the TD Bank's deputy chairman.

He is also former Premier of New Brunswick and former Canadian Ambassador to the United States from 2005-6. Before he dropped out, was widely rumoured as a potential LPC leader.

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Carlyle Group

At that time, Mr. McKenna's most notable position is on the Canadian advisory board of the Carlyle Group. Former Premier of Alberta Peter Lougheed, Paul Desmarais of Power Corp., Bombardier's Laurent Beaudoin, and another former Canadian ambassador to the United States Allan Gotlieb, are also among the membership.

Since June 2005 every Canadian has had a stake in the Carlyle Group. The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board "committed to investing $60 million (U.S.) into a Carlyle Group venture fund over the next five years. The board invests Canadians' accumulated pension contributions that are not needed to pay benefits." - from openflows.