Foreign Affairs Canada

In the Government of Canada, Foreign Affairs Canada is run by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is responsible for Foreign Policy. The Green Party of Canada critiques its policy via the Foreign Affairs Issue Advocate, part of the Shadow Cabinet.

online process

FAC is presently opening up its Foreign Policy Planning process to:

  • Proactively and reactively frame FAC's foreign policy
  • Provide the opportunity and context for policy discussion and
  • Become the principal resources for finding information on current and past Canadian international policy.

A case study at dowire.org reports regarding these[http://dowire.org/wiki/index.php/Canadian_International_Policy_eDiscussions| that:

"On Nov. 3, 2004 the Canadian International Policy Web site hosted its first eDiscussion group on "Renewing Multilateral Institutions using netcasts and Web content to inform and engage eDiscussion participants. Canadians were invited to share their thoughts through the Canadian International Policy site on the reform of multilateral institutions and the policy direction Canada should take in this regard. A series of video interviews with various experts on the topic were hosted on the site to help stimulate and inform the debate. In all, 20 responses were received, with an average length of 300-400 words. Participants included academics, students, members of the NGO community and other Canadians.

In January 2005 the next Feature Issue eDiscssion will be introduced."