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Tom Manley
Janine Gibson
GPC Agriculture and Food co-Advocates

One: Published Policy

Two: The Evolving Plank version 2005

The Green Food & Family Nutrition Plan

Only two generations ago, most Canadians grew up on or near farms. People were connected with the land either through farms or home gardening, and everyone knew what went into their food. Times have changed. When most people live urban lifestyles, most rarely think upon where the food comes from, or have the time to find out what goes into it.

The Goals of the Plan:
  • Improve the security, the safety, and the nutritional value of our foods.
  • Improve the dietary choices and the health of Canadians.
  • Decrease the incidence of eating disorders and other food-related health problems.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our food supply in transportation and packaging.

The Green Food and Family Nutrition Plan will:
  • Provide more education on nutrition, healthful diets and lifestyles in schools, community centres and the local media.
  • Implement a National Food Labelling strategy to increase the amount of information available on food labels. Require the labelling of foods known to contain or probably containing genetically modified materials or extracts therefrom.
  • Fund regional coordinators for food banks and help them integrate with local food growers and community groups. Invest in community volunteer projects and donor-supported programs.
  • Provide nutrition support programs for children and families in all communities.
  • Invest in community food processing and distribution, in-home food preparation, home and community gardens, community kitchens, and farmers' markets.
  • Implement a universal "healthful lunch and snacks" program at primary and secondary schools.
  • Work to an objective of 10% certified organic food production by the year 2010.
  • Improve the safety of our food system with increased testing for quality and contaminants.
  • Ban the sub-therapeutic use of agricultural antibiotics and the use of production hormones.
  • Evolve Canada’s food choices to favour domestically produced foods, in-season produce, sprouted produce versus imported lettuce, etc.

Three: Speaking Points

Four: Background Material

Five: Research needed:

  • Financial impact of proposals.
  • Current total commodity, food and feed expenditures in Canada to calculate GST impact.
  • Total imports and exports of commodities and processed foods.
  • Revenue impact of GST credit removal on farm inputs.


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