Five Functions of a Green Party

The essay Five Functions of a Green Party by Craig Hubley, 2005-12-08, lists the five functions as:

  1. a green policy compiler, e.g. all platform planks
  2. a "big stick" able to split votes
  3. a politician co-opter and policy educator
  4. a "kingmaker" minority coalition partner
  5. a green economics example, facilitating trade

Until electoral reform, Hubley claims, it is also legitimate to serve as 6. a "global green diplomat" for one's own country, representing Greens shut out of office and persons not represented in political arenas.


The essay was proposed by Hubley as a basis for the GPNS protocols, and is referenced in some circles re the GPC Council Crisis. The most recent version of it is published by the Green Party of Nova Scotia at the nsgp yahoogroup.