The Mozilla Firefox web browser is the best known open source browser. It is free, supports tabbed browsing, fully customizable toolbars, hundreds of plugins available, and is less vulnerable to pop-ups, viruses and spyware than Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE).

Reasons why not to switch from IE to Firefox.

Get Firefox

The only legitimate reason not to use Firefox.

Heavy users of openpolitics.ca itself can save time and research issues easier using Firefox. The following extentions (plugins) are reccomended.
  • Google toolbar for firefox - improves searching and has the best spellchecker for wiki.
  • Copy URL +_ - makes every cite easier because you can copy paste selections and URLs at the same time.
  • Sessionsaver .2 - automatically restore your browser to the state you left it before a restart/close.
  • Tabbrowser preferences adds controls over the tabs feature.
  • Tab Mix duplicates much of the above but has a couple of useful options (like opening new tabs from the links bar) that should be part of the main software.
  • AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox - the toobar plugin for this essential password manager.
  • All-in-One Gestures customize your own mouse gestures like "rocker" clicks to go forward and back.

Get Extensions

Major Companies supporting firefox

IBM is contributing Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (DHTML) accessibility technology to the upcoming Firefox Version 1.5. This will allow software developers to build accessible and navigable 'Rich Internet Applications' (RIAs) — a new class of applications that are particularly visual and interactive. DHTML will also allow users to efficiently navigate content more easily using keystrokes rather than a mouse."

Firefox's competitors are Internet Explorer and the Opera web browser. The latter does most of what a good Firefox configuration without adding "extensions" but does not have a lot of people extending it. Over time Firefox will probably overtake Opera's capability.