Financial Industry

Financial Industry

The finacial industry is an industry that provides financial services, such as financial management, advice, loans, investments and so forth.

Key issues

foreign investment

General issues

Position: improve protection for small investors

Arguments for:

  • Small investors and consumer need be protected in order for this market to work properly and to prosper with a sound reputation. *Encourage provinces to take actions to protect their small investors and consumers on the provincial level (e.g. Ontario's Arbitration Act), rather than forcing them to take their complains to the federal government.

Position: reinstate client priviledge

Arguments for:

  • Accountants should get their long lost right to have their clients' complete confidence in them. This will bring Canada back to a better position in the financial world.

Position: We go south, and more south

Arguments for:

Encourage dialogue with all countries in this hemisphere south of the United States to harmonize our financial standards (accounting, corporate laws, banking). This will not only bring more business to Canada, but also elevate Canada to be a financial centre. This will also make their companies to be Canada exchange-compliant (Canada and States exchange compliance differ, especially the treatment of options). Canadian lawyers will also have something else to do. In particular, we will aim at mexico, brazil and commonwealth countries.