Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers were famous American Revolutionary War documents authored by anonymous trolls who bound their work together as a faction using the pseudym "Publius".

The authors of this faction were later revealed to be Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, though it is hard to know what others had influence or pre-publication review on the works. It seems likely, for instance, that their wives would have frequently discussed the works and stated opinions. The authorship of each individual sentence or paragraph was never very clearly established, most likely because it was ultimately collaborative writing and may have even been collaborative editing, despite the limited technology of the time.

Madison, widely recognized as the Father of the Constitution, would later go on to become President of the United States. Jay would become the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Hamilton would serve in the Cabinet and become a major force in setting economic policy for the US. These are only a few of the accomplishments of these known trolls.

Most of the content was what would today be called political science or sociology. Among other things the checks and balances and reasons for rejection of a constitutional monarchy were discussed.

The entire purpose of The Federalist Papers was to gain popular support for the then-proposed US Constitution. Some would call it the most significant public relations campaign in history; it is, in fact, studied in many public relations classes as a prime example of how to conduct a successful campaign.

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