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The FCM infra programs address the deficit debt in Canada’s. environmental, social, and transportation infra- structure.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and National Research Council National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure or InfraGuide is published at infraguide.ca.

1999 report

Infrastructure Technology Think-Tank Progress Report
... Owners of infra-structure do not know what their costs are – proper ... Through the Guide project, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the ...

Federal-Municipal Relations Overview of the Federal Role in Cities and Urban Infrastructure (CM), to. The New Deal for Cities and a Federal Urban 2003 publications

A Conceptual Framework for Monitoring Municipal and Community ...... the FCM environmental indicators framework might be. considered as a macro- or meta-analytic and reporting ... Infra. Structure &. Manufact. ...

Board chair sets sights on rolling out the CMA brand, addressing ...
... management infra structure to implement brand programs ... FCMAs are nominated by their peers, who have recognized their exe mpla ry qualities ...

communitystudy.ca CCS New Deal

Toronto-Dominion Bank study: "for years 1984, 1988, and 1992; FCM and McGill University Department of ... $100 million in uncommitted money..."

of the FCM lobbied federal and provincial govern-. ments to take action on
affordable housing ... governments can provide funds for the social infra- ...

The FCM is already engaged. in positive talks with CIDA. “It’s an open con- ... water pipes, roads, and public health infra-. structure. ...
FCM in foreign affairs

The INFRA Research Domain. Our Theme includes (1) water infrastructure, (2) water ... In Canada the FCM estimates an investment of $60. billion. ...

construction - (FCM) have been. officially collaborating on the Guide. since 2000 to provide municipalities ... Infra 2003, “The Changing Infrastructure ...
the changing infrastructure

a balanced strategy for GHG reduction that addresses infra- ... Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Partners for Climate Protection ...

Good Governance in Restructuring Water Supply: A Handbook
(FCM) Centre for ... A utility corporation may own assets and operate infra- ...

The infra-. structure is in place for the. conference and the City, ... FCM Consulting & Marketing. Suzen Fromstein. The Write Connections Inc. ...
FCM consulting and marketing

FCM produce best practices guide for sustainable urban infrastructure At the 8th Annual INFRA 2002 conference in Montreal last week,..
INFRA 2002

Operating and maintaining facilities and infra- ... Sustainability In Action 06.
Sustainable steps taken at wastewater treatment plants wins FCM Award ...
performance measures

Building Capacity for Peace and Unity ... copying of this material for non-commercial use, with appropriate credit given to FCM. ... duction, infra-. structure, and. economic devel-. opment. ...

MB infra.gov.mb.ca

Standing Committee on Social and Economic Development
to future generations, an infra-. structure investment deficit passes on the costs ... gov.mb.ca

AB At its December 4 meeting in Ottawa, FCM’s na-tional Board of Directors unanimously adopted a ... pursue “new and innovative” financing for infra- ...

“FCM President Launches Grassroots Push for Municipal New Deal” News Release ... Capital infra-structure costs decline from $34564 to $29263. ... davidsuzuki.org

Natural Capital: A Critical Foundation of Our Economy - NRTEE 2004 ...
... how all options for jointly addressing infra-structure needs with ... FCM, Provide upfront capital for municipal redevelopment projects without access ...
urban details

StateoftheDebate: ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ... measure of success, as suggested by the FCM, is the. number of net new transit riders gained from ... A new approach to federal funding for urban infra- ...
SOD Urban


"The FCM’s political interventions on infra-. structure renewal, which do not rule out P3s for new public infrastructure. PUSHING BACK ...arpeng

Construction Innovation, Volume 7 Number 4, Dec. 2002
... responsibility for assessing infra-. structure products and processes. The CCCME is an advisory body ... Competitive Communities, FCM’s 66 ...

the guide

CITY MANAGER – Infra Guide. A memorandum dated November 10, 2004 from the City Manager regarding a project of FCM and the National Research Council
City of Yorkton

FCM’s National Guide to Sustainable. Municipal Infrastructure PDF

FCM letter to Task Force. members, August 2002 ... urban regions such as... transit, infra-. structure and housing are shaped by ...

kind of work they do, the types of municipal infra-. structure, the way in
which cities grow and ... measure of success, as suggested by the FCM, is the ...
2003 DSP

governments should strategically plan and manage infra-. structure development together rather than ... Municipalities,

STRATEGIC PLAN ... FCM, CWWA, WEF, Env Industry Assoc, Provincial /Municipal Assoc and the New England section of ... Provide a newsletter article on the Infra-guide . ...

Federal funding for urban infra-. structure programs and funding for ... Investment Fund operated with FCM. has also helped municipalities ...
TheStar UrbStrat6

research and resolutions

Part of the role of the FCM was and remains to lobby senior. government on behalf of Canadian municipalities ... Eastern Europe), (Infra 2002 Conference)

Canada-British Columbia Email:
infra at hq.marh.gov.bc.ca. For Other Infrastructure Projects: ...


Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Program... funding from sources other than the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Green ... by emailing infra at gov.mb.ca or by writing the Canada-Manitoba ...
apply to infra at gov.mb.ca

... federal government financed a $5 billion infra- ... Ottawa: FCM. 3. Canadian Policy Research Network, “Towards Women. Friendly Cities”, CPRN Urban Nexus ... policyalternatives.ca

support existing community providers, reinforce the service infra- ... (FCM) organized a national symposium on homelessness in Toronto, ... York Region
homelessness report

CORPORATE SERVICES position papers developed by FCM, AMO, AMCTO & resulting reforms ... Ensure a
comprehensive financial model is in place for infra- ...
Oakville 2005 budget

(FCM); support and comment on any. community initiatives that deal with ...
provide for the replacement of infra-. structure (water, sewer, pavement, ...
sidney.ca asset factory

... such as police and fire protection and infra structure repairs at an ... AUMA & FCM have acknowledged a general. upward pressure on tax rates due to ...

Smithers, BC Council endorsed the following resolution, ...
town of Smithers, BC



Summarizing both public and private sector experience with municipal infra-structure... is designed to provide communities with access to current best ...

infrastructure.gc.ca infra research on Water

railcan.ca short line study

CanadasCities.CA FCM summary

infra develops New Deal formula

federal, provincial and regional programs at betterbuildings.ca

Paul Martin and Cities - show us the money

Infrastructure Canada’s involvement with the FCM Conference (FCM) 65th Annual Conference and Trade Show that took place in Hamilton, ...in 2002

FCM's 2003 launch of "Bridging the Gap" a grassroots infra-structure advocacy program. If the public had an active appreciation...coverage in MB

City of Quesnel