The Living Platform is a collection of pages that grows and evolves through membership cooperative participation.

This page is for questions about openpolitics.ca, technical issues and general questions.

How do I get started?

Read the get started guide.

Access and Permissions

How do I get editing access?

To edit you must be logged in. At this point, anyone may register to use the site. See get started for the details.

How can I find out what has changed recently?

Visit the recent changes page to see what eidts have been made or comments posted in the last 24 hours. Recent Changes is always available in the right side MENU box.
For less recent edits, see Recent Edits, and choose how far back you want to look.
For tracking the progress of specific pages, use the watch page feature.

I can remember my login but not my password - what can i do?

Click here to go to a password reminder page which can email you the password to the email address you registered with. If you don't get an e-mail within an hour, see the next question.

I tried the password reminder but I can't or didn't get my email.

If you didn't recieve an email for whatever reason, you can do one of two things (not both).
  • register again with a new login name (you can keep the old password and email if you want)
  • email us tech help and ask to have your username and password reset — be sure to include the name and password you want to use.

How long does it take to get my email registration/password?

You should recieve if within 30 minutes. If you have tried to register twice and not recieved your confirmation contact tech support

What software is this system running on?

Openpolitics.ca uses TikiWiki open source content management and group ware server application, running on PHP / MySQL.

How can my organization get a similar web system?

I'm still having techincal issues, where is the tech support?

If you have already:
  • looked for help via the Help pages
  • tried to post your question on this page
...please contact Jason Diceman.