Executive Director

An Executive Director is the most noxious kind of fulltime staff. The appointment of such a person is the end of the mission of any nonprofit organization.

Once appointed, such a Director will inevitably form a single command hierarchy in which they:
  • reserve resources to their own discretion, no one else's
  • concentrate hiring and firing power with themselves alone
  • subvert any attempt at transparency or accountability in governance
  • remove any individuals who consider themselves to report to the governance body
  • erase any "silos" of responsibility over which they have incomplete control
  • control all organizational communication by requiring that they be able, at least in theory, to eavesdrop on any of it

Such a model, and role, is totally incompatible with democratic structuring or with participatory democracy. Yet it cannot be avoided. It is part of the nature of hiring fulltime staff.

See Green and Growing by David Scrymgeour for a typical rationale for an organization moving to a fulltime staff model. See Lean Green Machine and Efficient Politics for alternatives, and press centre and organization protocol for examples of alternatives in which no ED role exists.