Erin Shapero

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Erin Shapero

Ward 2 Councillor, Town of Markham


Erin Shapero was elected as Ward 2 Councillor in the Town of Markham Council in November 2000. Referred to by some as the Princess of York Region, her groundbreaking accomplishments at the local level have been inspiring to new councillors in neighboring municipalities including Elio Di Iorio from the Town of Richmond Hill, and Dennis Ramsaran from the Town of Newmarket to name a few.

While best known for numerous greening initiatives in her community, Erin demonstrates a remarkable ability to perfom at a high level in all areas of municipal government. Despite facing challenges of being the youngest councillor and only female on Markham Council, she has shrugged of all criticisms and challenges, forging ahead, and has clearly established herself as a dominant force on the Ontario political scene.