Elio Di Iorio

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Elio Di Iorio

Ward 5 Councillor, Town of Richmond Hill


Born August 10th 1971 in Toronto, Canada, Di Iorio has lived most of his life in the Richmond Hill area. He attended St. Michael's College School in Toronto and graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton in 1993 with a B.A. Soc.

municipal role

Di Iorio was elected to Town of Richmond Hill Council in November of 2003, unseating an 11-year incumbent. he now sits as the youngest Member of Council.

While admittedly knowing nothing, he has been able to initiate several significant discussions and projects in York Region which are accelerating the rate of progress towards sustainable social, environmental and economic development in the GTA. See also Civic Efficiency Group for a broader group that is involved in related initiatives.

It was expected that Elio will play a key role in the development of the GPC protocol dealing with municipal matters, the municipal protocol, and in talent development in this key area. He was a member of Municipal Leaders for The Greenbelt, which was instrumental in strengthening the Ontario Government's Greenbelt Protection Act in 2005. Most federal politicians in Canada begin their careers municipally.

Elio is known to have close ties with Richmond Hill Councillor Joe Di Paola, Markham Councillor Erin Shapero, Newmarket Councillor Dennis Ramsaran, Aurora Councillor Phyllis Morris and Toronto Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker. Di Iorio, Shapero, Rasmarran, Morris and De Bearmemaker have recently formalized as a coaltion known as Municipal Leaders For a Sustainable Future. They have raised awareness of issues in York Region, in particular working to Stop the York Region Death Pipe, and gleaning six-o'clock news coverage of this urgent issue on CITY TV and CBC, as well as in several daily publications including the Toronto Sun, the Toronto Star and the Globe and mail.

green party role

In 2004-05, Di Iorio sat as the GPC International Secretary, the main interface to the Global Greens. He has developed numerous key contacts with members of Green Party organizations in Canada as well as dozens of countries throughout the world where green politics is practiced. In light of the current leadership and direction of the Green Party of Canada,however, Di Iorio has resigned this position in in response to the incompetence of GPC Leader Jim Harris and Council in June 2005.

Di Iorio continues his Green Party work within the Green Party of Ontario, working at the regional level to develop GPO CAs within York Region. He is President of the Oak Ridges and York North provincial electoral associations, and has worked hard to develop innovative fundraising and outreach programs to build membership and promote issues pertaining to suburbias specifically distributed energy, water safety, oil depletion and the preservation of the Oak Ridges Moraine.

not-for-profit role

Elio is on the board of directors of the One Tonne Challenge and the ((Rouge Park Alliance
)), and is a founding director of fledgling not-for-profit Element Village.