Election Readiness and Campaign Team

The Election Readiness and Campaign Team, or ERCT was a GPC Governance structure meant to be in place as a temporary replacement for the Executive Director position as proposed in the process paper Green and Growing by David Scrymgeour.

The ERCT was representative of the strategy of the GPC at the time: focus on election readiness, and have a head start at the next election.

The committee was made up of four staff members:

four councillors:

and two volunteers:

As such, it was highly conflicted: staff members report to councillors, and volunteers have no mandate or contract. This committee was put in charge of most of the key day-to-day operations of the party, including hiring and firing of staff. One of the volunteers on the ERCT had loaned the GPC a large amount of money, and participated extensively in the financial decisions of the party.

Neither Scrymgeour's original paper, nor the ERCT structure itself, was ever given a permanent GPC Management role. It was merely assigned jurisdiction over some "day to day operations" of the Party,

The Political Party Governance implications of the ERCT have been profound. These powers have expanded to include:

In addition, they have issued "persona non grata" orders to staff regarding interaction with longstanding Green supporters, and attempted to do the same to GPC Council itself, which, nominally, they "report to". In some cases a threat to resign has been part of the generally coercive process which has forced compliance by Council.

The GPC Council disbanded the ERCT on March 6, 2005.