Election Readiness

Election Readiness is a confused and poorly designed concept that GPC Council is being asked to approve of.

It confuses the position protocol with press protocol with election protocol concerns. It seems also to centralize power over all of these in a clique which already has other very major responsibliities, i.e. (audits, fundraising, officers, candidates) that are much harder to get volunteer input on.

panic as a virtue

Those who champion the Election Readiness approach create constant panic and an ever-present excuse to subvert any GPC protocol. With extravagant fulltime hiring schemes and constant alienating of the most talentened people who want to volunteer at the federal level, plans to put the GPC several hundred thousand dollars in the hole, requiring a substantial fundraising effort just to break even.

replace with an election protocol

It seems clear to all informed observers, especially trolls, that the election protocol should be the only responsibility of any Election Readiness team. Furthermore a press protocol must be absolutely subordinated to a position protocol if any semblance of participatory democracy is to be retained, and leader-set policy drift is to be avoided.

Accordingly, the most informed trolls will withdraw entirely from any Party that unwisely adopts an Election Readiness approach rather than working on more robust GPC protocol definitions that will make best use of expert volunteer input.