Efficient Civics Guild

The Efficient Civics Guild (abbreviated ECG and signalled with the chords E-C-G) is a guild concerned with spreading civic best practices via the efficient application of wikis and other intranet best practices, e.g. reflexive intranets.

It expects eventually to create ultra-reflexive intranets, perhaps using directions suggested by Zeno Argumentation Framework and Eightfold Way of Deliberation Dialogue and other work by Peter McBurney. This would however only come at the end of a very long period of experimentation to build trust in the methods. Some ECG wags refer to this as The Forbin Project.

[+] organization structure

[+] low-level concerns

continuous civic improvement

Aside from the social and organizational goals it expresses as technical standards, ECG has broader technical or operational purposes:

It seeks to improve global quality management in government and greening of government operations especially in transparent municipalities following ISO standards and ICLEI standards. It seeks to act as one of the key liaisons of a UN agency to standards body activities.


ECG masters refined theory of continuous municipal performance audits, robust municipal role in emergency response, resilient signal infrastructure using boot image control methods, and the five levels of intranet. They encourage use of mesh networks, hundred dollar laptops, cordless headset phones and other such cheap worn devices in developing nations, and PDA phones and reliable thousand dollar PCs in developed nations. These varying hardware bases are expected to converge into one intermediate technology over time, and become roughly comparable in all nations perhaps by 2020.

[+] ontologists

[+] protocol-based structure

[+] holdings and public action

[+] verify "open politics in force"

[+] public web services


all civic professions

The intent of the ECG is to certify civic workers of all kinds and at all levels, as having the public service ethic appropriate to the kind of work they do. ECG provides just in time training based on instructional capital suitable to field workers and inside workers.

A list of job resources at the Carr Human Rights Centre is a good place to start to understand the kind of work that a Guild certified professional would undertake in a global NGO or United Nations agency.

public management

Managers may use its evolving ECG public management framework to guide public management, quality management in government, green procurement, performance audits and other civic best practices appropriate to a sustainable economy. For private use the GROOP governance system based on some of the same prior art as the ECG framework, is recommended to Canadians.

limited advocacy

ECG does not advocate accounting reform nor monetary reform but does advocate a measure of public accounts reform to improve total accountability in government, beginning with the ISO 19011 audit protocol. These measures Beyond GAAP require throughput accounting for current accounts and styles of capital analysis.

[+] maintains living ontology

[+] is not CEG

don't call us, we'll call you

ECG regularly scans the works of individuals active in the areas of concern, in order to identify potential ECG masters, ECG nominees and ECG Grandmasters. Grandmaster works are noted and propagated without bothering the person or asking for their help or permission. Whatever they're doing, they should keep doing it!

Nominees are invited to participate, and given temporary access to resources of various kinds. If they do nothing with it, this access will at some point expire. If they participate as peers effectively with nominees, apprentices, other ranks, and masters, they'll become recognized and supported directly by specific people in each of the sustainable trades the Guild supports.

Requesting to be nominated is discouraged, and will not usually work - don't call us, we'll call you.

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