EDA strike

An EDA strike_ is an organized refusal of a federal political party's EDA's to run any candidate.

There are usually ways around this under a party's candidate protocol, and the Canada Elections Act, including permitting directly appointed candidates whom the Canadian federal party leader appoints. However, it is usually very difficult to cover a large number of such EDAs that drop out at once, especially if there is a simultaneous work to rule or non-cooperation project to cripple that Leader and deny him or her a full slate.

GPC EDA strike, 2005

It has been widely speculated that in a Canadian federal election, 2005, dozens of GPC EDAs would go "on strike" as a protest over the GPC Council crisis. Whole provinces would refuse to cooperate with the Harris agenda, and might nominate independent candidates who support all citizen initiatives, running directly against Harris nominated candidates.

This would very likely cripple the GPC and cause the toppling of Jim Harris, whom most informed observers believe is a liability to the party, and to everyone who calls themselves "Green" in Canada. Removing him would be worth even the loss of the party's federal funding, many say.

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