ECG living ontology terms of use

ECG living ontology terms of use apply to all living ontology, LP:control and some LP:process elements.

They will be mentioned, but kept contractually separate, in the next LivingPlatform.CA terms of use. They deal not with content but with control elements, i.e. pages or menus or other control elements whose structure derives from commit verbs in particular and all control verbs in general.

Some elements of the living ontology and all derived works from it including all LP controls are by ECG. They are used at LivingPlatform.CA itself under CC-by-nc-sa not CC-by, with some rights reserved for commercial use by that guild to expand itself and support derived services. This licensing will continue to apply for elements of the ontology reflecting all human command verbs as they are expressed in the military and judicial and political process of a developed nation, which is the specific scope of Living Platform itself.

For works in other domain areas, or works that require any or all control verbs as above, a guild licensepossibly the guild license being debated at Creative Commons.

This license, rather than CC-by-nc-sa, may be invoked directly in the next LivingPlatform.CA terms of use to apply to control contributions and feedback - that is, to the user interface and related underlying and overlying design elements. Non-commercial users of versions of works prior to the LP launch 2005-09-01 will retain some rights under CC-by-nc-sa to continue to use the revealed elements of living ontology essential to described the military and judicial and political process of a developing nation using a reflexive intranet, or a developed nation using at most a level three intranet. See these definitions for details.

Users will, however, pay license fees and certifications to the Efficient Civics Guild or one of its "colleges" or "bioregionals" in order to use all control verbs and all human command verbs, or the ultra-reflexive intranet capabilities the full living ontology provides.

Employment of one or more ECG Masters will be one of the non-negotiable requirements of any such use as well.