ECG Apprentice

An ECG Apprentice is a person who defers to any ECG Master on some issue. They are sufficiently familiar with the Efficient Civics Guild and living ontology, and sufficiently sympathetic with its goals, and so disciplined at complaining via all LP worst cases and all OP worst cases, that they do not waste ECG Master time or require ECG Master fiat to be invoked - at least not very often.

An ECG Nominee is someone thought to have talent, skill, discipline and wisdom sufficient to become an Apprentice but who is not accepted by any Master yet.*

In return for patience from those vastly more experienced in sustainable trades than themselves, an Apprentice gets their ideas killed in front of them thoroughly, completely, patiently, and with full evidence/source/authority as backup. They will not get all their assumptions about issue/position/argument dealt with, this is reserved for the ECG Guilder who knows all guild terms and does not raise ill-formed arguments or rejected positions. The ECG Journeyer is quite capable of running an entire project by themselves, but not advancing the living ontology or the trades.

While the Apprentice may resent ideas being killed, to kill ideas effectively is a high art that everyone must learn, because stupidity is everywhere and persistent.

Those who kill ideas so perfectly as to engage in no rudeness may qualify as ECG Grandmasters. There are very very few of these.

  • the term "Master" is assumed gender free as "actor" has become.