E Prime

The E Prime variant of English omits the verb to be, which has no one meaning, and usually confuses three inherently different things, e.g. re "what issues are"
  • considering the future from the present, i.e. what issues become relevant in anticipated future circumstancess
  • considering the past from the present, i.e. what issues remain, for instance, as the basis of agency mandates based on past expertise or training of specific professions or past constitutions attempting to solve such problems
  • considering a choice to be made in the present, i.e. what issues equal, as in a ballot choice made at one snapshot in time, or any mathematics whatsoever

Any use of "to be" in any form confuses the above views and choices, by comparing the future to the past in some way - not legitimate in any ontologically valid system without a great many safeguards, e.g. a risk as regret framework like the ECG public management framework.

GFDL corpus refer link E Prime.