Designer's Requirements

The questions below should be answered in your project description. This will enable the designer who takes on your project to create great promo material that meets your needs.

Switch to edit mode and cut and paste everything below to your project page.

Project owner's name, email, phonenumber, and GPC position if relevant

link to Copy/ Text that has been edited and translated

complementary design elements (writing/photographs) that is ready and available.

Questions and Answers about the project:
(project owner)

Describe in detail what your objectives are with this project; what is the main purpose (trying to reach new visitors, members? informing existing ones?)

What are your goals/plans short and long term?

What will your promotional material be used for?

Who is your target audience?

Who will use your promotional material (or visit your website)?

What motivates them? What are they looking for?

What information do they desire/need/want?

what are some adjectives that you would use to describe the project visually?

where (provide links) are examples that approximate the style you have in mind?

What limitations or constraints do you have? Fill all that apply:
use of color?:
number of photographs:
corporate standards:
personal likes/dislikes:

If you could choose only one thing the viewer/visitor would remember, what would it be?