Democratize the Vote

Democratize The Vote is a public policy advocacy project aimed at raising awareness and garnering support for the creation of a Canadian federal Citizens' Assembly on electoral reform. The project's primary avenue of policy influence is through a campaign targeting members of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (PROC) which is studying this issue during the current session of the Parliament,

The Committee's mandate is "to recommend a process that engages citizens and parliamentarians in an examination of our electoral system with a review of all options."

Democratize The Vote provides an outlet for Canadians to send a message to the Standing Committee informing it of their support for a federal Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform as a process that engages citizens in the electoral reform process.

web form

Visitors to the site can use an online web form to express their desire for a Citizens' Assembly to the Committee.

Tell the Standing Committee why you want a federal Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform!

The online form is found here: nodice.ca/democratize

This is a citizen initiative on the list of all citizen initiatives.