Canadian Defense issues:

Iltis jeeps

The light armour on Iltis jeeps used in Afghanistan has been questioned, but, the Canadian Army believes that using the lightly armoured open vehicles is essential to its mission, and that using armoured cars actually be a detriment to trust in the Canadian Forces as peacekeepers.

Troop transport planes

Canadian Forces are currently dependent on US C-137 Hercules transports to move troops into Afghanistan and other conflict zones.


Both the need for submarines and the quality of the ones that were eventually purchased have been debated:

Mercedes Stephenson of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies claims that "we need some sort of means of surveillance, if it's stealthy surveillance, so much the better... there certainly is a role for subs in the modern navy... There's a navy in every country's waters: it's either your own, or someone else's."

The incident about HMC Chicoutimi however caused many to question the purchase of used British diesel submarines:

David Bercuson claims after Australians and other navies had rejected them, "the Canadian Navy ... put together a very powerful lobby on Prime Minister Jean Chretien" to pressure for the acquisition of the British subs.