Dan King

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Dan King is an advocate for the disabled who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He has worked tirelessly for many years on Toronto issues and run many times for office.

Originally from Timmins, Ontario, King lived in New York City, Amsterdam amongst other places in the 1960s and 1970s. He lived in Rochdale College in Toronto, a building which was later converted to apartments and in which he still lives over 30 years later. He has served as tenant rep in a building in which he has to campaign in many languages just in one hallway, and is very involved in local causes for immigrants, the disabled, mentally ill and disadvantaged. He is an expert in Canada's tax system and files tax returns for disabled people.

Dan has also worked on climate change, especially on the full cost accounting issues around it, for over 15 years, and contributed to a framework for this accounting Beyond GAAP before the emergence of the ISO 14064 standard. He attended major international conferences on the issue of the economics of climate change and emissions trading especially for non-point sources, and has worked on land trusts and fundraising problems related to forest preservation and preventing deforestation. Though he has never made a living in this field, his advice is widely sought by other Greens on ecology-related accounting matters. A briefing paper coauthored by King on GAAP and ISO 19011 remains the Green Party of Canada's sole reference on this subject. http://lp.greenparty.ca/tiki-index.php?page=Beyond+GAAP.

On urban issues, King has been very active and prominent, and literally kept some citizen activist groups going through periods of low participation. An early member of the Toronto Local Employment and Trading System (LETS), he ran up the largest account of any member before that system was ended, to be replaced by the Toronto Dollar. He was a member and director of C4LD and continues to advocate a Province of Toronto.

political relationships

Dan is widely considered a master of lobbying and making relationships across party lines.

Miller, Prue

So did Jane Jacobs and both his and Dan's choices for Mayor: Tooker Gomberg for Mayor of Toronto in 2000, and David Miller in 2003, when he
ran a "Greens for Miller" group.

Gomberg, Miller, and other longtime King allies Michael Walker and Michael Prue were all staunch supporters of province status for the City of Toronto, a cause that King championed again in 2001 as candidate for the Province of Toronto Party, a nomination that he sought to originally offer to Prue (who ran for the NDP). The offer paid off for the cause when Prue, who had also been asked to run by the Green Party of Ontario on both King's and Craig Hubley's initiative, bragged on the podium that four parties (the Liberals also) had asked him to run. Accordingly the byelection victory was not seen as a trend towards the New Democratic Party of Ontario. The two remain allies.


King also briefs former federal Liberal cabinet minister John Godfrey on areas of policy which Prue covers for the provincial NDP. King met Godfrey in Don Valley West FED when campaigning as the East candidate with other Greens in the Canadian federal election, 2004.

King received 1,172 votes, finishing fourth out of six candidates, but the relationship formed paid off for both King and Godfrey. Dan presented the CEG recommendations to Infrastructure Canada, 2004-12-21 that subsequently influenced the New Deal For Cities when Godfrey was Infrastructure Minister in Paul Martin's government.

political roles

Dan presently serves as the GPO operations coordinator.

Dan is the key Green ally of David Miller and strongly campaigned for Miller in 2003. Dan met with Miller to advance the Civic Efficiency Group's proposals to reform City of Toronto purchasing practices. He also sat on the Elections Toronto committee reforming campaign finance, recommending a matching grant system to replace the donation rebate system.

Dan is also a key figure in the GPC Trinity-Spadina EDA. He brought Sheila Copps to talk to that EDA in 2003, triggering speculation that she was about to join the Green Party of Canada.