DSIRN - Left Libertarian

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Left Libertarian politics combines economic freedoms with reformist democratic institutions - small state, anti-corporate, civil liberties.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
democrat ,small state, individualist, idealist, narrow focus

Likes and dislikes


  • feel less accountable to the social standards of others
  • tolerate experimenting with drugs and alcohol
  • people who "make do" on their own
  • working to get a “wise decision” even if it takes longer.


  • worrying about being popular or fashionable.
  • subsidies for industry
  • secrecy and the withholding of information.

Philosophy: Independence Democrat

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agism legalization of marijuana abortion children's rights death penalty economic injustice employment gun control homelessness public health sweatshop affirmative action police biodiversity air quality file sharing genetic engineering whistleblower tax reform urban sprawl corporate social responsibility

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Famous Left Libertarians

William Lyon Mackenzie
Naomi Klein
Jello Biafra

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