DSILN - Town Hall Democrat

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Town Hall Democrats are independent minded social and economic freedom lovers prefer local control rather than distant bureaucracies, even if it means a less extensive social safety net. This type of individual would prefer that all problems be able to be sorted out in town hall meetings (preferrably within walking distance). The implication is that they would favor the dismantling or reorganizing of government to provide something more like corner store service to the people.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
democrat,small state, individualist, idealist, narrow focus

Likes and dislikes


  • less interference in the free market
  • people who "make do" on their own
  • doing away with arbitrary rules.
  • enforcing their right to privacy
  • seeing issues as a collection of stories
  • seeing things as absolutes


  • secrecy and the withholding of information.
  • subsidies for industry
  • expanding the bureaucracy.
  • trying to make everyone dance to the same tune.

Philosophy: Independence Democrat

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tobacco affirmative action civil rights entrepreneurship assisted suicide food security freedom of religion welfare corporate governance direct democracy habitat conservation pollution censorship tax reform zoning recreation facilities

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Famous Town Hall Democrats

Thomas Jefferson
John Sewell
Stompin Tom Connors

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