DSCLN - New York Republican

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New York Republicans view the state mainly as a means for collective security, protecting their homes and communities, mostly free market economics with flexible attitudes about social progress. They may be pro-business and pro-nationalist, but accepting of entitlement programs, and a limited use of the state as a means to redistribute income.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
democrat, small state, collectivist, idealist, narrow focus.

Likes and dislikes


  • a state to focus on basic needs – food, housing, health, jobs
  • looking to scriptures, rights, or treaties.
  • being patriotic
  • thinking often in terms of “us and them”
  • tax cuts, particularly for high income individuals or corporations.
  • privatization of some government services
  • free trade
  • relying on "procedure"


  • trying to make everyone dance to the same tune.
  • putting too much trust in statistics.
  • those who break the law
  • people who flout "community standards".
  • vesting too much power in individuals

Philosophy: Communitarian Democrat

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for: social security, civil rights, free trade, public education, public health care, homeland security.

against: arms trade, electoral fraud, tax reform, death penalty

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Famous - New York Republicans

Joseph Lieberman
Rudolph Giuliani
John Tory

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