DBIRN - Modernist Democrat

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Democratic modernists support the reform of individual government institutions and programs (e.g health care, education, democratic reform) to become more efficient and provide better services.


This personality type combines these five perspectives:
democrat, big state, individualist, rationalist, narrow focus
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Likes and dislikes


  • the “wisdom of crowds.”
  • improving the social safety net.
  • security measures to improve their personal safety.
  • support for artistic pursuits.
  • seeking long term "efficiency" for programs.
  • that quality of life issues best decided locally.


  • elitism, or rule by experts.
  • secrecy and the withholding of information.
  • worrying about being popular or fashionable.
  • single issue politics.
  • trying to make everyone dance to the same tune.

Philosophy: Liberal Democrat
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Issues to visit:

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for: social security, civil rights, public education, separation of church and state, public health care, homeland security, same-sex marriage, municipal infrastructure
against: military spending, electoral fraud, tax reform,

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Famous Democratic Modernists

JK Galbraith
Hillary Clinton
Bob Rae

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