DBILW - Internationalist

this is one of the political personality types of the PPQ


This personality is a “democracy without borders” point of view that promotes human rights and seeks a just and progressive world order.


This personality type combines these five perspectives:
democrat, big state, individualist, idealist, wide focus.

Likes and dislikes


  • sensitivity to inequalities of power and influence
  • prefers negotiation to use of force.
  • government support for people or industries who experience misfortune
  • looking to scriptures, rights, or treaties.
  • society is in need of a "paradigm shift."


  • overt patriotism
  • working from overly abstract “models.”
  • addressing the symptoms rather than the "root causes."

Philosophy: Liberal Democrat
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Issues to visit:

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for: UN reform, civil rights, fair trade, public education, public health care, same-sex marriage
against: arms trade, war on terror, war on drugs death penalty, free trade

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Famous Internationalists

Woodrow Wilson
M.K. Gandhi
Robert Pearson
Lloyd Axworthy

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