DBCRW - Swedish Socialism

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Swedish model of social democracy became famous (and infamous in some circles) for its high taxes, cradle to grave social programs, generous benefits for unemployed people, stay at home parents, disabled and retired people. Swedish socialism differs from marxist socialism in having a more wholistic approach to well being.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
democrat,big state,collectivist,rationalist,wide focus

Likes and dislikes


  • systemic changes can happen if large numbers of people make small contributions.
  • those who break the law
  • highly aware of what is trendy


  • addressing the symptoms rather than the "root causes".
  • single issue politics
  • tax cuts, particularly on high income individuals or corporations.
  • "leader worship" or the cult of personality
  • rebellion for the sake of rebellion

Philosophy: Liberal Democrat Socialist Independence Democrat Communitarian Democrat Corporatist Statist Libertarian Social conservatism
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Issues to visit:

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for: social security, forest industry, public education, employment insurance, childcare separation of church and state, public health care, homeland security, same-sex marriage
against: tax reform,, tax reform, death penalty

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Famous Swedish Socialists

Olaf Palme - Quote: Throughout history, people have lived in poverty and misery. They have been degraded by hunger and ignorance, they have tormented each other and been driven into war. Yet, not everything has remained the same: The difference is that we have acquired greater knowledge. The difference is, above all, that we are beginning to display a willingness to take responsibility for each other. Therefore, it is not without meaning when we react, take a stance and, to the best of our ability, try to influence human development.

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