DBCLW - "Hippie" Socialist

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This kind of egalitarian is focuses on building collective institutions as the foundation of society, be they religious or secular. In this view, the individual serves the collective more than the other way around. Individuals are expected to contribute to achieve collective group or national goals. Contributions can be in monetary gifts, taxes or volunteer service, depending on the group. Group solidarity is strong around a creed, culture, or philosophy. Can include intentional and religious communities. Some types of people in this group will reject the title of "Hippie" because it conflicts with religious or cultural values.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
democrat, big state, collectivist, idealist, wide focus

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Likes and dislikes


  • identify strongly with religious, ethnic or cultural groups
  • enjoy public celebrations
  • society needs a "paradigm shift"
  • change needs to happen at the national or international level, until then local activism is just "spitting against the wind".
  • favoring fairness over "efficiency"


  • vesting too much power in individuals
  • decisions made in a hurry.
  • tax cuts, particularly on high income individuals or corporations.
  • people who flout "community standards".

Philosophy: Socialism
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Issues to visit:

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for: animal welfare,affirmative action, public education, income support programs, public health care, same-sex marriage
against: arms trade, death penalty, war on drugs, nuclear proliferation, racism, corruption, bretton woods system

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Famous Hippie Socialist

John Lennon
Abbie Hoffman
Lisa Simpson

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