DBCLN - Social Democrat

this is one of the political personality types of the PPQ


This kind of post-revolutionary socialism tends to focus on the bread and butter issues of families, jobs, and hot button social issues.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
democrat, big state, collectivist, idealist, narrow focus

Likes and dislikes


  • awareness of one's own biases and preconceptions.
  • expanding the range of public insurance programs (employment insurance, old age pensions, medicare and disability programs).
  • government employment for its stability.
  • a strong sense of social responsibility.
  • thinking in terms of “us and them.”


  • elitism, or rule by experts.
  • tax cuts, particularly on high income individuals or corporations.
  • putting too much trust in statistics.
  • big changes which may introduce as many problems as they solve.

Philosophy: Socialist

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Issues to visit:

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for: labor union, whislteblower protection, civil rights, public education, public health care, homeland security, habitat conservation
against: globalization, electoral fraud, tax reform, death penalty, war on terror, unemployment, poverty

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Famous Social Democrats

Michael Moore
Jack Layton
Judy Rebick

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