Community Development and Social Justice subcommittee

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The focus of this subcommittee is being discussed here.

Subcommittee Chair: Hayley

Broadly speaking, the Green Party will:
  • Incorporate social justice principles into all policy areas

  • End the marginalization and criminalization of dissent

    • Change the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency CCRA's definition of charitable activites to include lobbying of government on social justice and environmental issues
    • Grant charitable status to non-profit societies in that serve minority groups and women.

  • A Green government would enact enabling legislation to integrate the delivery of federal, provincial and municipal social support services. Our government will eliminate the gaps and tangles in the social safety net and make it easy for Canadians to find and receive that help. Sponsor a "one window approach" to social programs, and create a supporting national social infrastructure. This is a key aspect of our Basic Income plank.

  • Integrate the protection of human rights with the delivery of employment and social services.

  • Establish essential communications and financial services as a basic right of citizenship. Every Canadian should have access to a mailbox, a telephone, a computer, the internet, an email address, and a bank account. Provide resources to local community groups to ensure these needs are met.

Areas of Interest

The mandate of this committee can be split into four key areas:

  • Recognizing that historical inequalities can lead to marginalization in contemporary Canada, and promoting anti-discrimination based on race, class, gender, nationality, mental or physical ability, sexual preference, age, etc

  • advocating economic policies that protect the rights of workers and lead to fair employment with compensation at a liveable wage

  • protecting the programmes and services that ensure our quality of life as citizens of Earth


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Campaign 2000 - "This house seeks to achieve the goal of eliminating poverty among Canadian children by the year 2000."
— House of Commons unanimous all party resolution, November 24, 1989.

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Canadian Centre for Social Justice